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Australian Special Education Principals’ Association

ASEPA parallels similar peak bodies such as the Australian Primary Principals Association and the Australian Secondary Principals Association. The unique patterns of education service delivery to students with disabilities/special needs requires ASEPA to represent special education leaders across all sectors of schooling including early intervention, primary, secondary and special settings.

ASEPA's vision as described in the constitution, include but are not limited:

  • To promote the role and status of special education principals and leaders.

  • To advocate for the full range of educational services for students with disabilities and special educational needs.

  • To promote the professional development of special education principals and leaders.

  • To promote research and excellence in special education.

  • To liaise with other organizations whose views and activities effect the development and standing of special education services and facilities.

  • To provide a forum for the development of policies that relate to students, teachers and leaders in special education.

  • To provide a forum for the exchange and discussions of ideas with a particular focus on school administration and leadership in special education.

  • To facilitate the development of national and international networks of special education principals and leaders.


WAESPAA members are automatically ASEPA members through the payment of affiliation fees WAESPAA makes directly to ASEPA as a proportion of WAESPAA individual membership fees.




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