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Principal's Forum

On Tuesday August 1, for the first time in Western Australia our four Principal Associations and the Principal’s Federation held a joint forum to begin a process of re-defining the role of the principal and school leaders. Each group was represented by five of their members which collectively included all levels of leaders, country, and metro as well as Primary, Secondary, District High and Education Support leaders.

The Forum established that, in response to a rapidly changing world, we need to re-shape the role of the principal to help shape the future of education for our children.

The Forum sessions were spent reflecting positively on the future development of the role of school leaders recognising the commonality of all principals, the impact of the challenges we face and the successes we create for all types of children in all types of schools.

August 1 was a significant and positive step in the future development of the role of school leaders in Western Australia and we look forward to resuming discussions soon.

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