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WAESPAA Connections - 11 September 2023

Hello Everyone

Only three days to go until our Conference – the line-up is looking good and the conference committee are working very hard to pull the last things together. Just a reminder if you are attending, and many of you are, to down load the App so that you have the schedule of the two days.

Conference Master Class and Awards Dinner

The evening is looking good, we have 380 people attending on the night which is a wonderful celebration. If you have booked a table or if you are just attending by yourself please look out for some information that will be coming out either today or tomorrow letting you know the times and dress code. This can be shared with your staff.

If you have nominated then the certificates will be on your table for you to give to your four nominees. This can be when ever you wish to give it to them, the beginning of the night or when they are recognised as part of the evenings events.

Principal Chaplaincy program

This is particularly for our regional members you will be receiving a link to the research that Youth Care are undertaking in to the Principal Chaplaincy program for the Department of Education.

There are 3 parts to the research which will be used to give feedback and valuable insight into the principal chaplaincy program being offered in regional and remote regions of W.A.. The research Nous Survey is being conducted by an external agency through Humanlink with the project manager being Ben Perry.

  • Regional Directors will receive the survey link and relevant information for them to pass onto the Principals in their regions for completion.

  • Principals will be asked to complete the survey and will be given an option of a ½ (teams meeting) interview for further comments

  • Principal Associations will also be requested to complete the survey and will also be given an opportunity for an interview.

The timeframe for the survey to be completed is from Monday 11th September through to Friday 6th October 2023 (last Friday of term break).

Warmest regards,

Debi Taylor

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