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WAESPAA Connections - 14 December 2023

To all our wonderful WAESPAA Members,


I have been waiting until pretty much the last moment to wish you all a wonderful holiday and a huge congratulations for surviving what was 2023.  I know that the last few weeks of term 4 are crazy and delete any reserves of energy, so that the last thing I felt you needed was a long email from me telling you all the things that have been happening – which would be a long list.  But there is nothing that cannot wait until you are all ready to start thinking about work again.


So, in your last few hours of this term I hope every single one of you is follow the recommendation to put an out of office message for your email, you are turning off your school mobiles and taking the time to focus on you.  Take the time to recover and fill your buckets with lots of lovely things.


I am looking forward to 2024 and everything that it will bring, and I am hoping a chance to come and see a lot of you in your schools.


For those of you who have trade off tomorrow – go home and start your holiday!!  For those of you in tomorrow with staff enjoy those hours then go home and start your holiday!



Warmest regards,


Debi Taylor

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