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WAESPAA Connections - 21 May 2023


On Friday the WAESPAA Executive and some of the Education Support School Principals meet with Lisa Rodgers, Jim Bell and other members of the Corporate Executive and Directors. This meeting was a follow up from the meeting the WAESPAA Exec had back in March.

It was a full day and a wonderful opportunity to really talk about the issue we have in education support and to discuss possible solutions with the DG and Corp Exec. I came away with the feeling that we were really heard and that there will be actions taken from the meeting.

The Agenda covered:

  • Recruitment and Retention,

  • Pre- Service Teachers undertaking practicums in our settings,

  • Encouraging Education Assistants to become Teachers,

  • SSEN Schools and University Upskilling staff,

  • Facilities,

  • IDA and Functional Needs Assessment,

  • MOU with Nurses,

  • Full Service Model in Ed Sup Settings.

As you can imaging some of the agenda items generated a lot of discussion and emotion, but also a clearer picture of what can be done to support our settings. Over the next week you will be receiving a couple of survey asking for specific information around enrolments and staff recruitment. Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule as this will help us continue to drive change for our settings.

Please can I also remind Ed Sup Schools to continue to send me emails when you have issues with your nurses – it is making a difference.

Also I know that a few of you have taken on Pre Service Teachers and there has been an issue with them doing their practicum with you – if you have not had traction with this please let me know and I will forward it on to Jim Bell as he is having direct conversations with the Deans.

At the end of last week you may have seen an email from Karen Macri saying that we have decided to cancel our WAESPAA Connections day this term. The reason behind this is I would like WAESPAA to connect more with all our members and this is hard to do when there is only three points 2x WAESPAA Connections Days and the conference. Also I know how hard it is to try and get out of school with the lack of relief. So the Exec are on the road we are coming to see you. We will be visiting all our regional members this term and will come and visit all our metro members at the beginning of next term. When you have your visit please use this opportunity to talk to the Exec about the issues you are having at school but also the successes. It means that we will have a good picture of what your needs are and what we need to advocate for.

This week I have two meetings that I would love some feedback from you about:

  1. Reduction of Red tape – what would make your life as an Education Support Leader easier? What are the frustrations? Also what are the frustrations your teachers in particular feel?

  2. I needs some examples of brilliant pathways to post school success. I know there are lots out there but I would love to hear the stories.

Finally from me, many of you will have heard on the WebEx with Lisa Rodgers about ‘The Voice’. Please reach out to us if there are issues with your staff or your community.

Have a great week 5.

Warmest regards,

Debi Taylor


Cloverdale Education Support Centre

180 Fisher Street, Cloverdale WA 6105

Tel: (08) 9438 7851 M: 0411 822 326


Western Australian Education Support Principals and Administrators Association Inc.

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