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WAESPAA Connections -21 September 2023

Hello Everyone Only one day to go!! The Voice to Parliament referendum

You will all be aware that The Voice Referendum is due in October. The Unions and Associations have already come out strongly in favour for the YES vote and have various campaigns happening. I have been attending various system alliance meetings which have been dedicated to the discussion about The Voice to Parliament. The conversation have been very robust and at the heart of all of this has been the impact and implications in our schools and on you as the leader. I know that some of you will still feel very unsure how to navigate this very complex situations. Some of you will be aware that various Unions have YES campaigns already underway. Any Union supported activity can occur during school hours, but personal opinions that are not supported by the Union actions should not occur in school hours. As Department employees, all staff have a responsibility to create culturally safe work and learning environments. That responsibility is underpinned by the Department’s Code of Conduct and the Public Sector Commission’s code of conduct. As school leaders, your role is to ensure the presence of respectful discussions and interactions between all members of the school community. At no point should a member of staff be expressing their views to students. The current referendum does not impact the Department continued focus on building a culturally responsive system including seeking the voice of the Aboriginal community on their experience and expectations of the public education system. My advice to you and this has been from all the Associations is contact your Director of Education or reach out to me, if you need to discuss any specific situations within your school. We can help you to accurately navigate your concerns and provide targeted support for any scenarios you might be faced with. WAESPAA Master Class and Awards Huge Congratulations to our winners: Support Staff = Julie Davies – MCS Warnbro Community High School ESC Leadership = Rachel Rutter – Principal Holland Street School Education Assistant = Karen Polkinghorne – Riverton ESC Teacher = Mark Arrantash – Cannington Community ESC Please can everyone who attended the conference and Master Class and Awards complete this survey Just in case you missed Jarna’s email with the links here they are again

Link to presenter files including presentations and summary PDF’s

ACU Principal Health and Wellbeing survey Just a reminder about the completely the Principal Wellbeing survey some information is attached if you need any further details.

2023 School Leaders Principal wellbeing survey
Download PDF • 563KB

Have a wonderful holiday when it arrives !!

Warmest regards,

Debi Taylor

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